Post to Multiple Facebook Groups at once on AutoPilot!

Facebook Poster Pro is a FREE tool for posting to all your facebook groups automatically with ease. We offer you the free way to pull traffic to your website, blog or affiliate links.

Auto Post to Facebook Groups

Post to hundreds of Facebook groups at once even when you are offline. You can post from different Facebook accounts and you can send a single post to all the Facebook accounts you have on file at once.

Post to multiple accounts at same time

You can now schedule your posts to groups of multiple accounts at once.NOTE: You need to purchase Plus or Pro plan to use with multiple accounts.

Save and Schedule Posts

You can schedule unlimited number of posts to be posted at different times to different facebook groups. You can also save posts as draft that can be posted later or save a posted post to be reposted at a later time.

Post Insights and Statistics

Get real time statistics on every post you publish to Facebook. our insight show you how Facebook users have engaged with your post by providing you the number of Likes, Comments, and Clicks on each post you send to groups and pages.

FREE Unlimited Support

Unable to set up your account or any other related issue? We have provided two absolutely free support methods, head on to our Online Support Portal or feel free to mail us.

Frequently asked questions

All your facebook groups are automatically imported once you add a facebook account. Adding a facebook account takes less than 5 minutes.

YES. Our main aim is for you to be able to engage members of your facebook groups, you can sort your facebook groups by category so that you can auto post relevant content to each group category. This way you are sure of maximizing the potentials of every facebook group

Facebook Poster Pro is designed to protect you from getting banned unlike other facebook group auto posters. We also have additional measures in place to prevent you from getting banned, this include an option to set friendly posting time intervals, option to add unique id to every post and links, option to switch facbook accounts. This way you’ll be safe from facebook ban.
However, abusive use such as posting to so many groups with time intervals of less than 30 seconds could result in facebook ban. To be safe we recommend auto posting time interval between 5-15 minutes.

Standard users can only add one Facebook account. To add more than one account, you might need to upgrade to one of our Premium plans.

You CAN post to all the facebook groups you’ve joined with your facbook account. However, facebook groups have different permission levels, OPEN and CLOSED.
Posting to OPEN groups does NOT require approval from the group admin for the post to display on the group wall. While CLOSED groups need the group admin approval for you post to display to the wall.
You can activate the option to display only the OPEN groups in your account so your posts goes to groups with OPEN permission only.

NO. You do not need to create a facebook app to use our facebook poster. We have pre-defined apps and our apps are always updated and new apps are added to the systems to ensure freshness. All that is required from you is to authenticate this apps with each of your facebook accounts for posting.

Facebook Poster Pro automatically post all scheduled posts at their set time even when the user is offline. The aim of this facebook auto poster is to save you time and cost, and with the schedule post function, you can focus your time and energy on other things and let Facebook Poster Pro do the facebook group auto posting for you.

There is NO LIMIT to how many posts you can schedule.

You have to set you Timezone under Posting Settings.

We support all the four post types that Facebook permits. These include Text, Image, Link, and Videos.

Currently, we support Paypal only. Other payment methods will be available in the future.

No. We do not offer refunds. This is why we have a completely FREE plan for 3 days . Kindly test all our tools using our free plan before proceeding with upgrades.

FREE Unlimited Support

Unable to set up your account or any other related issue? We have provided two absolutely free support methods, head on to our Online Support Portal or feel free to mail us.